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Mirror Glazed B-Day Cake
Mirror Glazed B-Day Cake
Mirror Glazed B-Day Cake

Mirror Glazed B-Day Cake

This slime comes with a clear, 1oz, teal-colored glaze that you can pour over your Icee cake :)

6oz. Birthday Cake scented.


Because these are handmade products, every order requires a production time. All orders ship 3-4 business days after your order is placed.
Once your order is shipped, you will get an email with your tracking information and that is when the shipping method you have selected comes in to play.

Exceptions may apply and delivery time is not guaranteed. 


Please note that due to lighting effect, the actual colors may be slightly different from the picture. Also, the colors may mix during transit.

Slime may arrive sticky!
In this case, please follow the slime care guide included with your order.

DO NOT eat slime!
Also do not purchase my slime if you think you are at risk of having an allergic reaction to household detergents, shaving cream, borax, cornstarch, soap, or scented oils.