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  • Tiffany Tiffany
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    This is a beautiful, Tiffany's colored blob with shimmering pearlescent sparkles!Be ready to be mesmerized!Sized: 2 oz. Scent: Lightly floral scent.
  • Lemon Verbena Granita

    From $7.75
    It's a two-toned, super crunchy sugar bead slushie slime! It comes with a cute leaf charm. (Leaf color may vary). Scent: Refreshing lemon verbena scent.
  • Ramune Jelly Cube (New Edition)

    From $7.50
    This is a new edition of our previous jelly cube slimes!The sponge will not break (unless squeezed extremely hard) and it will not absorb too much slime. It is named...
  • Blue Raspberry Blizzard

    From $8.00
    It's fizzy and crunchy! It's mixed with big marshmallow foam balls which adds a unique texture and is topped off with colorful rainbow sprinkles! Scent: Blue Raspberries. 
  • MoonDust

    From $7.50
    Super crunchy slushie slime! It's sprinkled with holographic glitters which gives off the outer space vibe! Scent: Refreshing and sweet.
  • The Pink Panther

    From $6.00
    Sparkly pink colored slime with different sized foam balls to give unique texture! It's super crunchy and super fun to pop bubbles! Scent: Sweet and fruity!
  • Bumpy Berry Smoothie

    From $8.00
    It's thick, creamy and crunchy! It's two-toned milky slime with brilliant pink sparkles sprinkled on top!  Texture: Creamy + Crunchy. Scent: Sweet Berries.
  • Minty Choco Icee Creme

    From $8.50
    Super cute minty green colored Icee Creme/butter textured slime! It comes with few choco chunks that is fun to squish and is sprinkled with colorful unicorn sprinkles on top!Texture: It's...
  • Candy Floss Swirl

    From $8.50
    A two-toned cloud slime that drizzles beautifully. It's super soft, fluffy and fuzzy when pulled apart but compacts nicely and becomes very holdable.   Scent: Sweet candy scent.    
  • Atlantis Castle

    From $8.50
    It's a beautiful sea green turquoise color with a unique metallic shimmer which makes a wonderful crunch. Super gorgeous! Please note that there may be small plastic pieces amongst the fishbowl...
  • Alexandrite Alexandrite
    Quick View


    This beautiful slime is inspired by the color changing gemstone, Alexandrite. It is a deep gorgeous metallic and shimmery purple color with a hint of iridescent flakes sprinkled on top.  Please note...
  • Chewy Raspberry Cream

    From $8.00
    Thick yet stretchy raspberry cream scented slime drizzled with raspberry compote 😘 It smells delicious and feels really nice! It has chunks of faux marshmallow bits which gives that extra...
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