02 Mar , 2021

Slime and physical therapy : exercises to practice to reduce stress

These days due to digital technology, people are busy nowadays. They spend their free time with electronic gadgets to kick out the free time.
It has been observed the use of mobiles and tablets has resulted in stress.
People feel depressed because they don't have extra activity and radiation from screens badly affects their mental health.
In this regard, they are becoming lazy also. They don't have any physical activity.
Due to this reason, the stamina is getting low also.

Why physical therapy with slime?

The physiotherapist has done researches and proved slime the beneficial free time activity. They recommend using this material to do hand exercises as well as have the best mental activity. The life of kids is overwhelming and chaotic.
To keep them involved and free from screens, one can use the slime and spend a lot of time playing with it. Slime as a tool for the occupational therapist
Slime has replaced the true material clay.
It has been found more playful, and one can spend time full of fun. 
You can create the slime and learn to keep away yourself from stress. Integrative Physical Therapy and Wellness New York City recommends using the slime in different ways.
Few methods useful to improved motor skills, reducing anxiety, and having fitful time are as follows.

Scissor skills and slime

It is one of the wonderful activities one can use. You can place the slime on a hard surface and use your hands to flatten it. Spread it like dough. Take a cookie cutter of any shape. In case if you don't have any cookie-cutter no need to worry. You can roll the slime and then roll in S shape. Now use the scissor to cut it into pieces. You can use scissors during the activity. By use of scissor and slime the physiotherapist treat your mental incoordination. It helps in strengthening bilateral coordination as well as strengthens your scissor skills.

Use of buttons and beads

Another excellent way to use slime and avail its benefits is by using buttons, uncooked beans, and buttons. You can get the proprioceptive input by playing slime with these little gadgets. It helps in promoting pencil grasp and improving motor activity. It is ideal for children suffering from incoordination issues. A physical therapist gives a fun challenge to the child. He pushes the object in the slime and kneads with the help of the hands. Through that, you ask him to remove the button or bead from slime. Thus, the child uses tweezers or a needle to remove the button. Through this activity, the child observes and tries to remove the button by using motor skills.

Pat a cake

This is an ideal therapy for young children. In this method, the therapist simply creates the circle with slime by patting it between both hands. It develops bilateral coordination. You can add extra fun by imagining that child is making a cake. Moreover, act on a song by playing the rhyme on the music player. The use of touch and drawing the letters on the slime with the help of the index finger helps in the child's dexterity development.

Final thoughts

Using slime for physical therapy is super useful. It is the best way to develop coordination and confidence in the children. Moreover, for adults, it is an ideal way to reduce anxiety and stress. If one wants to get rid of boring time, depression, and anxiety, they start playing with slime. It is the best way to kill free time and kick out the stress for the time being.